The [TC]-Members ...

      ... they will help you! 


We are the Sven Coop Training Clan. Here you can see all Members of our Clan. You can meet them all on the following Server: :: SC [Classics] :: SC [King Size] :: SC [Customs] :: SC [Shorties]

First of all the two Team-Leaders

[TC]ICE (Tobi)   [TC]Coolman (Claudio) 

The Ring of TC-Help

[TC]Qnkel (Andi)

[TC]J (Jenny)

[TC]Elma (Gergo)

[TC]Wessi (Dennis)

[TC]Sari (Sarina)


[TC]Dragon (Daniel)

[TC]c0nn0r (Connor)

[TC]P@BLO[PL] (Pawel)

[TC]Warchild [GER] (Dominik)

[TC]The Butcher[GER] (Christopher)

[TC]Sgt.Black (Felix)

[TC]Trox Morgan

Everbody of us will help you in game.

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